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There are two type of play, Structured and Un-Structured, and both are important to the development and well being of a child.  Video gaming is unstructured play and like all other instructed play, it should have limits in order to be appropriately impactful to the child's development.


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So get off the couch and head to the tennis courts!

Yes - there are benefits to playing video games like problem solving, decision making and visual processing, but  they can also prompt  weight gain, muscle strain, sleep deprivation and profanity.  So let's not be foolish by thinking that they are a replacement for physical activity, social interaction and self-esteem.

Here are a few  things that will improve if you play tennis:

I believe that  youth age kids shouldn't  be addictive to anything.  The majority of kids are no longer interested in physical activity.

Tennis is one of the easiest sports.  The rules are simple, and tennis like any other sport you have to work as a team.  One of the major benefits you get from playing tennis is understanding how to work really  good with other people.   In my mind TEAM means "Together Everyone Achieves More," which means if you try to do everything by yourself you won't get very far.

There is so much that comes with playing tennis the constant practicing, all the extra running that you have to do keeps the body healthy and muscular.  Tennis  strengthens the heart and lungs, not only does tennis help the internal organs but it also increases strength and stamina.      

Tennis improves  your physical and psychological health;  physical because tennis involves exercise and psychological because playing is something  you enjoy, it's something that relaxes your mind.  There should be twice as many kids playing tennis and sports these days.   Playing tennis or any sport will improve your life.

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The USTA (United States Tennis Association) is proud to support tennis programming  help military service members, veterans and their families reintegrate into their community.


Through the sport of tennis, we're proving each and every day that it is possible for our veterans and their families to enjoy a more healthy and fulfilled quality of life in the communities where they live.


Military families need stability during stressful times of deployments. Tennis can be an excellent way to provide a healthy outlet for stressors, maintain physical and psychological fitness, bring families together and increase community connectivity for families in transition.


We have impacted more than 200,000 service members, veterans and their families through Wounded Warrior tennis trainings, Warrior and Family Tennis Days, Military Appreciation events at the US Open and during the US Open Series.


Through the power of our various tennis programs, including wheelchair tennis and tennis for individuals with disabilities, it's possible to improve the lives of millions with equipment appropriate to age and skill level.


Wounded,  ill, or Injured Service Members

Are you interested in starting a Wounded Warrior tennis therapy training or growing an existing program in your community? We can connect you with a Veterans Hospital or Warrior Transition Unit in your area.


Warrior Tennis Curriculum

The Warrior Tennis Curriculum is meant to guide anyone, with or without prior tennis and/or rehabilitation experience, who desires to use the lifetime sport of tennis to improve lives. The curriculum is a vehicle for assisting military service members in acclimating to civilian life, reintegrating with their family and community and improving their physical and mental health.


It is designed to provide non-tennis people with easily understandable knowledge and techniques to assist service members of all skills and abilities in playing the game. The curriculum also helps those who are not familiar with military service injuries to adapt tennis programs to this important group of people.


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