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More and more teenagers are passing on the opportunity to play tennis- and that's not good!

It is a bit unsettling to know that while most teens ages 13-17 are physically able, only about 40 percent  of them are active in any sport activity, competitive or recreational.  Unfortunately, the downward trend may likely continue because today's young people are being lured into "activities" that require only the movement of a hand, such as video games, social media or web surfing.  If you're a pre-teen and you haven't played tennis yet, now's the perfect time to give it a try!  Beyond the simple enjoyment of playing, there are several other good reasons to play tennis.  Below are just five of them.




1.  You'll Be Healthier


Tennis require you to move your body, and it's a commonly known fact that exercise is good for your health.  According to the Mayo Clinic,  physical activity helps control weight, combats health conditions and diseases,  improves mood,  boost energy, and promotes better sleep.  The health advantages of participating in tennis far outweigh the dangers of actual injury.






2.  You'll Be Smarter


Many studies reveal that playing tennis can actually boost your brainpower.  A report from the Institute of Medicine stated:  Children who are more active show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed and perform better on standardized academics test that children who are less active.

3.  You'll Learn Teamwork And Sportsmanship


In tennis, individuals learn to rely on each other and motivate one another to accomplish a common goal.  Though individual sports are great, tennis actually does teach you life lessons:  the success of a team - or an organization - depends on how well the players work together.  Not even the "star" player can win the game alone.  Tennis also teaches you to play fairly and to respect the players on the opposing team.  Cheating, gloating and fighting do not belong in tennis - or in the professional world for that matter.  Tennis teaches you to put forth your best effort and exhibit honorable behavior whether you win or lose a game.

4.  You'll Make Friends


When you join a tennis team, you will inevitably make friends.  Because teammates share so many fun and exciting moments, your friendships should last long after you finish playing.  



With warmer weather and sunny days around the corner, many of us will be eager to get outside and hit the tennis courts this spring and summer.  Often know as a "lifetime" sport, tennis is a great way for people of all ages and levels of athletic ability to stay in shape.  Tennis has many proven health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular fitness, balance, motor control, hand-eye coordination, bone strength and flexibility.  However injuries can and do occur at all skill levels, from beginners to the pros.  Below, I will describe some of the most common tennis injuries, as well as tips on how to avoid them.


Tennis elbow is a painful condition that occurs when tendons in your elbow are overloaded, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.  Common systems of tennis elbow include pain localized to the outside of the elbow and moderate pain with certain movements of the wrist.

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff tendinitis occurs when these tendons become inflamed, resulting in pain with overhead movements and limitations in shoulder motion and function.


5.  You'll  Learn To Focus And Manage Your Time


Tennis requires time and commitment.  Playing tennis requires teenagers to develop two important skills: focus and time management.  Focus and time management are crucial traits in people who get things done and accomplish their short and long-term goals.

Jumper's knee is a tennis injury where the tendons attaches to bone.  Jumper's knee usually involves the attachment of the kneecap tendon to the lower kneecap pole.  It is due to stress overload due to jumping.


Shin and muscle cramping typically occurs in the big muscles of the legs-calf and hamstrings.  The  main causes for these cramps: muscle fatigue, dehydration and excessive exercise intensity and duration..


A ankle sprain is the most common tennis injury.  It is caused by landing on the outside of the foot, with the foot turning too far inwards.  The ligaments may be overstretched or torn, resulting in instability of the ankle.


Beware of these common injuries and be sure to stretch and warm up before you play to reduce your risk of injury.

If you experiencing joint pain in any of these areas,  there are some at-home remedies you can try, including:



Ice or cold compress for swelling, especially for the first 48 hours.

Compression with an elastic bandage.

Elevation, if it's your knee or ankle, any time you're sitting down


If your pain is severe, lasts a long time, and/or it's interfering with your daily activities, be sure to call your doctor.



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Tennis Tip


Odds are that every time you move up an age group, there's going to be a learning curve.  This means you'll lose some matches,  possibly in ugly fashion.  But it's all part of the growing process,  and it's important to look at the big picture instead of focusing on the turmoil of losing a particular match.


The best thing you can do is focus on getting better every single day by focusing on your strengths, improving your fitness and not letting your emotions get the best of you.  With patience and hard work, wins will come.  Eventually,  you'll become the dominate player in your age group,  delivering lessons to the younger players that have just moved up.





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