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The Strings

The strings are part of a tennis racket

which make contact with the ball.

The Beam

The beam of a tennis racket is simply the thickness of the racket head.

The Head

The head of a tennis racket is where the strings are placed .

The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot - a point on its face between the middle

and tip that propels the ball with more power and less vibration to the hands.

The Open Throat

The open throat of a racket starts at the top of the handle and splits into two sections, which extend outward on both sides of the racket to begin the formation of the racket head.

The Shaft

The shaft of a tennis racket extends from the bottom of the racket head down to the butt of the racket or the very end of the handle.

The Grip

The grip of a tennis racket is simply the outer covering

of the racket handle.

The Butt Cap

The butt cap of a tennis racket simples seals off the bottom part of the racket handle.

Tennis racket



Modern tennis balls are made of a hollow rubber core, covered in a wool or nylon shell which is known as the nap. Pressurized air inside the rubber core makes the ball bounce. The felt covering help makes the ball soft. A tennis ball seams are where the felt covering is attached to the rubber.  The felt patches are covered with a vulcanizing solution and placed carefully by machine so they'll be at just the right angle.  The ITF (International Tennis Federation) states that tennis balls should be between 2 1/2 and 2 5/8 inches in diameter and weigh between 2 and 2 1/16 ounces.

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                                                                THE USTA


The USTA is the national governing body for the sport of tennis in the United States.


A non-profit organization with more than 700,000 members, it invests 100% of its proceeds to promote and develop the growth of tennis, from the grass-roots to the professional levels.

In most states, there are between one and five tournaments each weekend. Adults with a 3.0 - 4.5 rating can usually play in the tournaments.  Leagues include 10 & Under; Juniors 12-18; Adults 40 and older.

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    Energy Source             Protein & Muscle Boost               Head Protection                 Eye Protection


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