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The number one reason that kids play tennis is "fun" and similarity, if they become tennis dropouts, they typically report that tennis is no longer "fun." As adults, we often think of "fun" for kids as laughing, fooling around with friends, and goofing off.  Sports research often uses the term "enjoyment" rather than fun as it conveys a broader, more robust understanding of the pleasure we get from physical activity and tennis. Young athletes say they enjoy tennis when they are learning, improving, giving their best effort and getting along well with other players.  Some players crave competition against others while others shy away and would rather focus on cooperation with others to achieve a shared goal. We respect those differences and help players learn to embrace both competition and cooperation in a healthy, productive way. Many tennis players get stuck focusing only on the outcome of their performance efforts and become frustrated by results and losing. Players must realize that competition  is not about other tennis players, but instead a contest to test their skill and strategies by playing the game.  In a sense, your opponent is your best friend and partner who hopefully will push you to perform beyond what you ever imagined you might be capable of.  Competence and self-confidence are the rewards for investing full effort and energy into learning and playing tennis. This becomes the basis for the essential motivation to keep playing and practicing and is a strong deterrent for whether a player thinks tennis is fun and enjoyable. The somewhat magical path that a beginner follows to reach a higher level of skill and competence must be thoughtfully plotted, intentionally executed and tailored to each individuals needs and talent. As players builds confidence, their self-confidence and self-concept rise as an athlete and a competitor.  In the end, whether kids choose high performance track in tennis or just want to play in a recreational program, the secret is keeping them Happy and having Fun at the same time.

Tennis wall

I love it when students hit off the wall. As tennis gets faster, players need to have compact strokes so they can reply quicker.  Practicing against the wall can help you improve this aspect of your game.  Start out a good distance from the wall and move closer as you get more comfortable.  Now the ball will be on top of you in an instant, right after you finish your following through. That's faster than any opponent can return a ball.  This will quicken your backswing and force you to read the ball earlier and hit it on the rise, essential skills for every modern tennis player.

Fun, Effort And Self - Confidence For Tennis Kids

The Best Practice Partner Doesn't Even Swing A Racquet

Get Fit With The Right Racquet And Tennis Shoes


Today, tennis racquets are more durable and more forgiving than ever and the right racquet can be the difference between winning and losing.  When making a racquet choice, you will need to consider the following features:

• Head Size        • Weight Balance        • Fitness Frame       • String Pattern      • Grip Handle Systems

You're  tennis coach will know what tennis racquet is the best for you!  Below we're going to look at the best tennis racquets offering on the market today.

Tennis Shoes

Rule the court in the right pair of tennis shoes. Tennis is a game of quick starts and stops, short sprints and frequent lateral movement-and you need footwear that can stand up to your game. Tennis shoes have come a long way in the past 30 years or so yet the quality of today's best tennis shoes still varies considerably.  Here are some of the state of the art athletic  footwear that will allow you to compete at the highest levels of the sport with complete confidence.

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Valentine Treats

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