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Cold Weather Tennis

Here are some practical tips for playing tennis in cold weather:

8 Healthy Benefits for Older Adult Tennis

1. A reduce risk of heart disease.


2. Improve flexibility, balance and coordination.


3. Boost brain power ( tennis requires creativity, agility, tactical thinking and coordination         which helps keep our brains active.)


4. Supports bone health.  ( Weight bearing exercise helps build and maintain strong bones.)


5. Weight Maintenance ( exercise can help maintain a healthy weight.)


6. Socialization, get out, get active, enjoy time with friends and meet new ones.


7. FUN! Fun and laughter are good for all of us and enhance our health and happiness at every age.


8. Happiness ( people who exercise on a regular basis tend to experience less stress, anxiety and depression.)  They have a happier outlook on life.


So don't be shy about taking up tennis as a adult or older adult.  It's a low impact game that can be modified to the needs of players at every stage of life.

Play it for FUN!  Play it for FITNESS!  Play it for LIFE!

As always, before you go charging onto the tennis court, be sure you've got the official seal of approval from your doctor.  


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  • Stretches - It takes a bit longer for our muscles to loosen up in low temperatures.  Give your body a chance to warm up with a 10 minute stretching routine before you start playing. Your muscles will thank you the next day 


  • Gloves/Hand Warmers - Thin fitted gloves with fabric that delivers an ultra-warm feel with no extra weight without sacrificing flexibility and motion.  Hand warmers are safe to use and easy to use and keep the hands warm in cold weather.


  • Sunglasses - The winter sun sets lower in the sky,

        and at a different angle than during warmer seasons.            

        That actually gives you more exposure if you're out for longer

        period of times.  So get those shades on!


  •  Lip Balms - Lip balms are one of the most used products in cold temperatures.  They not only moisturize lips, but also helps to prevent from dryness and chapped lips.




  • Clothes - Start with lots of extra layers of clothes, you can take off small amounts as you warm up.   


  • Head Gear - Any Beanie will keep your head and ears warm on the coldest days.  I prefer cotton knitted or a microfiber one.  You lose about 50% of body heat from your head.  


  • Sunscreen - You absolutely need sun protection during lower temperatures.  The harmful rays are just as strong and damaging despite what the temperature says! 


  • Hydrate - The cold weather also brings much drier air, which can lead to dehydration.  Your body still needs water in colder weather to stay strong, fast and healthy.  So drink plenty  of fluids throughout the day even though you don't feel thirsty.  Water, Gatorade or any electrolyte beverages are a good source to maintain and replenish the body in cold weather.




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